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For products that are in production look no further than the product page for a given item. All related documentation and software can be found at the BOTTOM of the product page.  For obsolete equipment look HERE, products are categorized by brand.

ten-tec moved

Our TEN-TEC facility has moved to a new location. We're up, running and furiously manufacturing radios. The new building is a few hundred yards away from our old location. If you're curious to see more of our new location click HERE to view a gallery of photos. In the neighborhood? Come visit the new TEN-TEC museum, our shack and tour the production line. The new address can be found HERE.

revolution  RADIOS

hack your radio!


Join the Ham-Maker Revolution

We're pleased to present two of our newest products and the first installment in our new line of Ham-Maker equipment.  Both the Rebel 506 and Patriot 507 are designed with the tinkerer in mind, they both sport the Arduino-based ChipKIT Uno32 processor and are completely open-source.

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dream tuner development update

Manufacturing on redesigned prototypes has begun. Click HERE to see read about what's different about the latest Alpha 4040 design.