Press Release

(April 2, 2015) RKR Designs, LLC of Longmont Colorado has announced that they have acquired the assets of Alpha Amplifier and TEN-TEC brands from RF Concepts. RKR plans to expand the product line, while continuing to service their customers that have enjoyed their products over the years.

The principals of RKR Designs are Richard Gall, Ken Long and Rich Danielson (Gall and Danielson of QSC Systems, Longmont, Colorado have been a successful contract manufacturer, for over 20 years). Ken Long, N0QO has over 20 years in the electronics and amateur radio industry. Long will be President and CEO of the new company. QSC has been building Alpha amplifiers for over 5 years. They have also been building boards for TEN-TEC since their purchase by RF Concepts last year. Mr. Long said “QSC has always been a fantastic contract manufacturer, and has the expertise and knowledge that will allow us to bring down costs, while increasing quality and reducing manufacturing times.”

When asked for comment, Michael Seedman, AA6DY said “I can’t think of a more capable group of people to take over the 45 year Alpha Amplifier/TEN-TEC legacy. Ken Long has been involved with the industry for years, and has a great feeling for products and operations. He has the manufacturing and engineering resources available to deliver quality products that our customers demand”. Mr. Seedman went on to say “Alpha and TEN-TEC have always had a warm spot in my heart, and I am thrilled that RKR Designs will be able to continue the operations of the business. I wish them the best”.

Ken, Richard and Rich have been working very close over the past several years and feel that this new relationship will benefit the company and customers moving forward. This closer relationship to the contract manufacturer will allow a more consistent process and delivery of quality products along with significant cost benefits.

RKR Designs LLC is privately held, and terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Continuity of Sales and Service

Any order that has been placed with RF Concepts (for either an Alpha Amplifier or a TEN-TEC radio) will be fulfilled under the same terms as when it was placed (the same price with the same warranty). The only difference will be the vendor name on the receipt, “RKR Designs”.

RKR Designs will honor the terms of warranty for any product that was purchased from RF Concepts. Nothing changes, the length and terms of coverage remain the same.

RKR Designs is committed to providing our customers with the same quality products and services that they have come to expect from Alpha Amplifiers and TEN-TEC over the past 40 years. Moving forward, our top development priority remains the Alpha 4040 Antenna Tuner; our development team is working to ensure that the tuner will be a robust, reliable, high performance product worthy of the Alpha name.

documentation and software

Are you looking for manuals, firmware, schematics or specification for one of our products?

For products that are in production look no further than the product page for a given item. All related documentation and software can be found at the BOTTOM of the product page.  For obsolete equipment look HERE, products are categorized by brand.

ten-tec moved

Our TEN-TEC facility has moved to a new location. We're up, running and furiously manufacturing radios. The new building is a few hundred yards away from our old location. If you're curious to see more of our new location click HERE to view a gallery of photos. In the neighborhood? Come visit the new TEN-TEC museum, our shack and tour the production line. The new address can be found HERE.

revolution  RADIOS

hack your radio!


Join the Ham-Maker Revolution

We're pleased to present two of our newest products and the first installment in our new line of Ham-Maker equipment.  Both the Rebel 506 and Patriot 507 are designed with the tinkerer in mind, they both sport the Arduino-based ChipKIT Uno32 processor and are completely open-source.

dream tuner development update

Manufacturing on redesigned prototypes has begun. Click HERE to see read about what's different about the latest Alpha 4040 design.