- Amplifier Keying Cables -

Custom cables built in Colorado, made with RG316/U Coaxial Cable (Teflon insulation)

Keying Cable for Kenwood radios    HERE

Keying Cable for Yaesu radios          HERE

Keying Cable for Yaesu radios using 8-pin Mini-DIN          HERE

Keying Cable for Elecraft, Icom and Yaesu FTdx-3000 radios    HERE

Keying Cable for Ten Tec Eagle        HERE

USB-to-Serial Adapter Cable (pre-wired for 9600 Baud for 87A)          HERE

- Documentation and Software -

Are you looking for manuals, firmware, schematics or specification for one of our products?

For products that are in production look no further than the product page for a given item. All related documentation and software can be found at the BOTTOM of the product page.  For obsolete equipment look HERE, products are categorized by brand.


RKR Designs LLC no longer sells or services Ten Tec products. For all Ten-Tec products, Sales and Service, go to: www.tentec.com.


dream tuner development update

 Click HERE for latest updates and to see read about what's different about the latest Alpha 4040 design.